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Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author

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Jeni Conrad is a wife, mother, teacher, writer, reader, and a human (honest, she can pass those robot tests almost every time!). Since fifteen years old, she worked in the restaurant business while getting through high school, a BA in English, and then an MA in sociology. Now she works from home while wrangling two small girls, a dog, and two crazy cats.

Published Works

The Mirror Islands

With only a month to high school graduation, Peter is excited to get started on his life’s next adventure—college and learning who he is without his adoptive family constantly around. 


Too bad fate has other plans for him.


At a local amusement park called Wonderland, Peter has a chance encounter with his fencing rival, Jillian Hook. They fall through a creepy funhouse mirror and embark on an unimaginable journey searching for Peter’s sister, Alice, who is lost on the mirror islands where fairies grant wishes, cats appear grin-first, and pirates rule the skies.

With reimagined, beloved characters, this dual POV, fairytale retelling boasts a vivid mixture of several worlds and stories. This series is perfect for fans of enemies to lovers, villain origin tales, magical worlds, whimsy, and Once Upon a Time.

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Hanna Sanchez Novels

Everybody seems to want something from Hanna, especially dead people. She tries to ignore their overwhelming pleas for help and live a normal life, but when she starts high school she can’t avoid the ghost haunting her history class. He lectures so loudly, he makes focus nearly impossible and passing the class even more difficult. Then she meets Brandon, a skater kid from the 90s who only seems to want companionship. The difference is refreshing but has her wondering what he’s hiding about his past.


Despite her best efforts, her unusual behavior while trying to ignore the spectral distractions doesn’t go unnoticed, attracting the attention of two good-looking boys from school. They start asking odd questions and seem to know more than “normal” people should, causing Hanna to wonder if maybe she’s not as weird as she thought, and if ghosts aren’t the only supernatural beings who want her help.


The Lost Guardians

Andi loves playing The King's Conquest Online with her guildmates, sometimes even choosing the game over homework or spending time with her dad. When her real-life best friend, Micah, goes missing, the guild must teleport inside the game to battle their way through beasts and dungeons. Trink (Andi), Serenity, Ignitious, Buckler, and Diablo enter a world they've dreamed of living in for years, but now that they're physically inside, death and pain have never been more real.


The Game Master tells them that all they have to do is run through some new content and they’ll rescue Micah and return home. Ordinarily, playing new content in their video game would be exciting, but it’s a lot different when you’re living in the reality. When they are forced to relive each other’s worst real-life moments, they must learn to accept each other for the flawed human beings they are or risk trapping Micah, and themselves, inside the game forever.

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