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Proofreading by Jeni Conrad

Proofreading services for blurbs, short stories, and novels

Proofreading is usually the last step before finalizing a written work. It's important to carefully check for errors in grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, typos, and misused words. After pouring your heart and soul into your written work, the best thing to do for it (and yourself) is to have a solid and skilled proofreader review every word and ensure it is the best it can be. 

Why Jeni Conrad? I have a bachelor's in English and a master's in sociology, I've written and published nine novels of my own, I love reading and writing, and helping other writers along their own journeys. My rates are reasonable and the return time is quick. Plus, I will communicate well throughout the process and be available to answer questions.

Still not sure? Here are some testimonials from clients:


"Truth be told, when you hire an editor you’re expecting a little miracle. Well, Jennifer Conrad is hands down the closest thing to a miracle you can get. She makes you work, but she works just as much.

What can you expect working with her? Full hands on interaction. She not only points out where things are wrong, but she explains why they are wrong and even gives you ideas about how to solve it. You can hire her chapter by chapter, part by part, or the whole book at once, but you know what? It doesn’t matter how you hire her because she’ll give you her best anyway.

Probably the most important thing though is the fact that she’s someone that cares. She actually wants to help and that makes all the difference. If I had to hire someone today to edit my book, I wouldn’t think twice before I called out to her. I totally recommend Jennifer Conrad’s editor work!" -Vitória Castro

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Rates and Services

I specialize in fiction, blurbs, short stories, and novels. All rates for fiction works (except blurbs) are $0.0035 per word. If your novel is 90k words, the charge will be $315. Blurbs (between 50-300 words) are a flat rate of $5.00. I am open to higher payments for faster return time or other, more challenging projects (like academic papers, etc.). Feel free to message me through the site or through social media.

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Proofread Your Blurb

Blurbs are THE WORST! It's so hard to smash your beloved 100k+ book into less than 200 hundred words. It would be even worse if there were typos and errors in it. Let me review it for you just to make sure it's as tight as possible.


Proofread Your Short Story

Short stories pack bigger punches in smaller packages. Typos and grammatical issues are even more glaringly obvious within short works. Let me proofread it for you so you can be confident and proud. 

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Book Pages

Proofread Your Novel

This is it. YOUR BABY has finally been created, perhaps sent to an editor, and been reviewed by yourself so many times that you're darn near sick of it. Give it here. Let me take a last crack at it so we can make sure you're going to produce the best and most-awesome novel ever!

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